Starting an ecommerce store, which platform to choose?
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Thread: Starting an ecommerce store, which platform to choose?

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    Starting an ecommerce store, which platform to choose?

    I am starting an online store for selling electronic items, like mobile and computer accessories. My store will contain around 200 products. Should I go with magento or Woocommerce? I have selected these two platforms because of community and customization options. However, Magento is not that easy to setup. WooCommerce is easy to setup but I have heard it has performance issues.

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    Just my two cents, but I'd go for Magento. I think the summary of the two you mentioned is fair enough, so it's more of a case of strategy. In my opinion, you're better off spending a little more time and effort on setup with Magento because it will worth it for long-term stability.

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    Hello Dear,

    Woo-Commerce by WordPress is a good choice for building a single store at it free & and there are various plugins easily available for it some are free and some paid. But if you want a full-fledged multivendor e-commerce store that is also SEO & mobile ready, Yo!kart is certainly the best choice, as it is an off the shelf software that comes just at $250.

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    If it is a DIY project then go for Woocommerce. Very easy to set up and start selling. Otherwise get a developer and create a magento store.

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    I like using some ready templates from Templatemonster for such a purpose. I can also recommend you to check out their service with fonts at It will become available soon, and I think that you will like them a lot. It is an awesome service indeed

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    Hi, OP (Riders)! I'm also wondering which way to go (Magento or Woocommerce), can you share an update of what worked for you? I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

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    My recommendation is Magento platform is best for ecommerce website development. Because it is user friendly for SEO and SEM marketing.

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    My suggestion also would be Magento platform. If you are planning to buy and build your dream website you can refer this site for the best customer support and pricing.

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