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Thread: Starting an ecommerce store, which platform to choose?

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    Woocomerce with Wordpress is the best and cost effective solution.

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    I use woocomerce

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    Hi! A couple of years ago I was in your place of choosing what platform I should use to start my own online business, so I understand you perfectly. I chose Magento, and has never regretted my decision ever since.
    What I love about Magento is the width of its capabilities - I can create 6 types of products and add them into different categories, I can manage my inventory easily and configure this process the way I need. Apart from this, I appreciate that Magento is an open source solution, which means that I can potentially customize it with coding the way I need. And what really won my heart was that you download the Magento Open Source version for free and try it out, and in case you find it is not your type of a solution, you can give it up without monetary loss.
    All in all, you can find the advantages of Magento ecommerce platform in this article https://belvg.com/blog/what-are-the-...ine-store.html.

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    When it comes to these features, both platforms make a punch pack. Choosing the overall winner is not easy, and weighing the characteristics of each platform can make you scratched your head in the event of confusion, while leaving your customers without a way of shopping from your site.

    In spite of I recommend to choose the Magento, As it have many features compare to woocommerce.

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    I advise thinking of two platforms - Shopify and Magento. They are built exactly for e-commerce needs and with e-commerce in mind. Firstly, let's talk about Magento.
    I won't recommend using Magento 1 since its support will be discontinued in June 2020 (we are referring to both the Open Source 1 and Commerce 1 editions). After this date, there won’t be any new updates to Magento 1. That's why you need to choose/ migrate to Magento 2.
    Why? What are its benefits and what profit can M2 bring you? Let's look below:
    - Better performance
    Magento 2 is characterized by its high page load speed. The second version of the platform offers 50% faster performance than the previous. Even the platform itself loads several seconds faster. Magento 2 uses a JavaScript and CSS minifier that, by using different archiving and compression technologies, reduces the size of CSS and JS files. Magento 2 provides native support of Varnish technology that enables a full-page cache, which is a powerful performance optimization solution. Magento 1 had the full-page cache feature only via installation of a special module. Another innovation in Magento 2 lies in the capability of the CMS to minify the size of HTML templates. It precludes you from implementing different custom decisions that can reduce your website performance.
    - Responsive design
    Enhancements in the Magento 2 front-end are worthy of notice! In addition to a spectacularly responsive design for the desktop version, you can also enjoy faster front-end load speed. The page content loads in less than 1s! In Magento 1, it can take 3 or even 4 seconds before users see something. Magento 2 is mobile friendly! With user-friendly mobile themes, a responsive layout, and a mobile-friendly checkout, your e-commerce website has a better opportunity to successfully lead users to make a purchase. Plus, the support of the last CSS and HTML versions allows easy management of the front-end code, loading of pages quickly in different browsers, an additional amount of graphics and multimedia, such as music and videos, to be included on the website, and much more.
    - More search engine friendly
    Built with the latest Google Search patches and requirements, with SEO trends in mind, the platform gives your online store more visibility on the Internet. Magento 2 provides improvements that mean appearing higher in search engine results. With enhanced ability to create custom meta tags for your products, the well-designed Magento 2 Rich Snippets extension will help your site will rank higher in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The extension allows your product pages to appear in search engine page results and enhance click-through rates by using your website’s structured markup data – such as rating, price, availability.
    - Faster installation of new extensions
    Integrating modules with Magento 2 requires less time and cost. All free extensions are kept in a repository – a developer just needs to insert some words in the command line, and – voila – the extension is installed. Paid tools can be installed the same or via download after they’re purchased. Magento 2 rises to the occasion by simply providing one folder with several subfolders, where you can find every element of extension you need. Of course, after code compilation, the information is inserted into the required folders. Such an approach allows for saving time through rapid system reaction.

    All benefits mentioned above are just a small piece of cake about Magento 2 quality and profit. Here you may check more about Magento 2 benefits, an upgrade process, cost of Magento website development, and how to reduce your costs of development,

    **Links removed by Site Administrator so it doesn't look like you're spamming us. Please don't post them again.**

    I will talk about Shopify in the next post.

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    Nice business you are starting and nowadays, in the market, there is a big sales of the electronics items so in my view, the Woocommerce can be the best choice for you because Woocommerce are two of the most popular eCommerce platforms along with other major platforms and it is built on top of WordPress which is more beneficial for you.

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    I choose WooCommerce, because WooCommerce provides a complete eCommerce solution that is fast, easy to use, and can adapt to the needs of my eCommerce business (next-cart.com)

    Beside WooCommerce, the market has no shortage of powerful eCommerce platforms you may have the interest. Check out Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, BigCommerce. If you are migrating to one of those target carts, please let us know. We can help.
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    useful information

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    Thumbs up Magento is better than WooCommerce

    Hey, as you said that you have experience in SEO. You should go with Magento.
    Yes, it is complicated to set up but a bit of hard work doesn't count if you want a great business.

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