Rate my website please :)
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Thread: Rate my website please :)

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    Rate my website please :)

    Hello everybody,
    I made website related to Tech and health and business

    This is the website: http://www.empirearticles.com/

    It would be greatly appreciated if you gave me a rate and advice


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    Hi Michael,

    Looks pretty good, although the articles are kind of all over the place with content. It's a little overwheming trying to figure out what the theme is. I think maybe if you organize the page a bit so the information is easier to absorb. Right now it seems like so many topics and images flying at me at once. Also, is this a resource for bloggers to find content to post?


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    Pretty good site. However, I think you should change your content layout a little bit.
    Don't show to much content at once. If you use Visual COmposer. Make some of your main content (or what you think it would get more readers) bigger; other articles should be in a sidebar.

    This is my first site with Visual Composer: http://onepagecheckoutextension.com
    Pretty ugly... Do you have any comments Michael?

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