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    Content Marketing For eCommerce Stores

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm writing in this forum to get some feedback from established eCommerce owners on our new business.

    We're a couple of co-founders who recently left a large marketing agency to start Contency.

    We provide a managed content marketing service for eCommerce sites at an affordable price.
    The service we provide is:

    • Custom Tailored Content Marketing Strategy
    • Content Production - All the content you need to promote your site, delivered on a monthly basis (This includes articles, newsletters, social media posts, infographics and product descriptions)
    • Promotional Strategy to reach new customers and expand brand awareness.
    • KPI and ROI measuring

    I would love to get some feedback from you guys.

    Is this a service that you could see yourself using?
    Is there anything missing from this service that would make your life as an eCommerce owner better/easier?

    If you want to learn more please check out

    Thank you very much in advance for your time.

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    Hello, guys! I have just started my new business, so I will need some marketing tips from you too. I have also started using the help of guys from It is a really awesome service for such people like me. But I would like to ask you some eCommerce related questions here too

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    Please share some sample of content links. It will helpful for clear understand about your content writing technique.

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    I read on the Internet that there are special programs that use to get the context from the site.

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    I also heard about web scraping tool, which helps to get data from the site. In fact, this tool can be customized in different ways - to get good content or product description, to compare prices on different sites. It seems to me that this is very convenient and facilitates the work.

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    Content marketing is creating content and sharing it with targeted audiences to generate more leads, solidify branding and drive more customers to your website. E-commerce companies today regularly use content marketing to increase their brand recognition and impact their overall web presence.

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    hello. your service is perfect, I would definitely consult you guys for my business. good luck

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