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    Social media site has become an integral part of marketing. Promotion of your site can be easily done via social media but it should be promoted in an effective way. Your content is everything and it needs to reach to the right traffic and finding right target and its promotion in the social site is vital and necessary. There are multiple ways to promote your site such as:
    1. Follow your target customers
    2. Post at the right time
    3. Don't hesitate to post multiple times
    4. Keep on sharing
    5. Use share button
    6. Ask for feedback or queries
    there are two ways for business promotion on social media channels 1st is payed and 2nd is free if you spend small amount on facebook then you can get more impression and there are so many facebook groups are available for free promotion you can share you post in these groups and gets more visitors and engagement.

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    you can promote your site through social media channels. social media channels are best for marketing and promotion,

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    Thanks for sharing information, social media is very good medium to promote and share products and services of your business. I also use facebook, twitter etc. to promote my business of online accounting software.

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    Social media is extremely powerful when it comes to increasing your brand recognition or promoting your products and services. Create your Business profile and pages on all Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). Then, start posting quality content (a mix of promoitional and educational content). Like for your business, you can focus on carpooling and the better effects of it on environment.

    Create attractive ads and email/SMS campaigns with exclusive coupons. That'll surely work well for your business.

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    While numerous organizations utilize customary promoting strategies to draw in new business and customers, others have included or totally replaced traditional marketing with new or creative advertising strategies. These new strategies frequently rotate around the Internet; organizations utilize web-based social networking tools and online promotion battles to grow their gathering of people. Organizations can create website pages or web journals that give updated data on their products or services.
    Approaches to generate leads are
    Content Marketing
    Customer referral
    SEO, SEM and PPC
    Cross Promotion
    Social media marketing
    Direct Mailing
    Be that as it may, these are a bit tedious, rather you can get leads through the business tools some of which are area particular. These tools are as follows,

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    This is a great thread! I've been creating a website for my business using one of TemplateMonster website templates from https://*************************/. But I understand that this is a very beginning as I'll have to promote my site. Like most people I'm going to start with using social media. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience in marketing, so the information given here is very useful for me. Thanks for sharing, guys!
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    Well you need to think like your custmomers, where would they be on social media ? night club pages ? Events Pages or groups? that where you need to be. Also look for people that are prominent in say the night life industry comment on their pages and events as your company , you just need to go where you customers will be

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliceArifova View Post
    i am running minicabs and taxi company in London , our specific areas are Balham Minicabs , Tooting, and Stretahm Taxis
    Do a cost effective social media marketing campaign.

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