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Thread: What do you think about Binary options? are they legit?

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    What do you think about Binary options? are they legit?


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    I guess, it is a pretty nice way to make some extra cash from home. As for me, I have started trading using the brokers from Everything is really good for me so far. I would recommend you to try it out. But be very careful

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    Really have no clue. But would really want to try.

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    Bad idea. Sports betting is a promising direction in the Internet. Here you can try your hand The most important thing is forecasts for sports. YOU must correctly analyze the current situation in the sport and draw conclusions. Then you will succeed. I have a lot of experience in this business. I've been betting on sports for two years. During this time I won a lot of money and bought the house of my dreams. I'm my own boss now. That's cool! I achieved my goal!

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    Red face

    The entire market and idea of binary options trading is a scam. ... It's an unregulated market. To give you a comparison, it's safer and easier to make money from sports betting and gambling in the casino, because you can actually withdraw any profit you've made. You DO NOT make a profit with binary options, period.

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    In my opinion, this is all a very big scam, there is no confidence in the possibility of making money in this way, there were many precedents when users were deceived. All that is associated with a great risk of losing money is not worth attention.

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