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Thread: Best ecommerce platform for my very specific requirements?

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    Best ecommerce platform for my very specific requirements?

    My current platform does not help me to take advantage of certain marketing opportunities. I'm hoping to find a platform with as many of the following integrations as possible. I'm on a small business budget, so services like Channel Advisor are out of reach. All suggestions are welcome.

    ShipStation (required)

    Shopping Integrations
    Buy buttons on any web page

    Payment Integrations
    Amazon Payments

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    What platform are you currently using? Are you selling a large catalog of products or just one?

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    If you have limited budget, options for hosted solution like Shopify works just fine.

    If you decide to expand, do consider open source solution like Magento.

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    Hello! As for me, the most successful and best e-commerce platform is Shopify. I've done a lot of projects using it, it's easy to use and you can find any information on it and setup is very simple. To create websites, I use the website maker from http://www.*********.com It helped me create a new site without much effort many times. My final verdict is Shopify. Good luck!

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    I would say woocommerce on wordpress will be beneficial for you.

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    Hi steve, i have gone through your website, looks great. And regarding your requirement, shopping cart & payment gateway integrations, it will be much easier in major ecommerce platforms such as shopify, magento, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by josnorgren View Post
    If you have limited budget, options for hosted solution like Shopify works just fine.

    If you decide to expand, do consider open source solution like Magento.

    this is what I WAS GOING TO recommend. I am familiar with Shopify and believe its good, but recently i'VE READ good things about Magenta.. you should investigate and evaluate both

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    Shopify is my go to.

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    Shopify is okay, but it has limitations and the amount of people who can open a shopify dilute the market

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    Choosing e-commerce software for your online store can be the toughest job because ample of companies are offering e-commerce software with several pricing plans and along with long listed features. Sometimes these companies make the thing even more complicated, by calling it as shopping cart software and others call it as the e-commerce platform. The ambiguity added up when someone says ‘open source platform’, ‘hosted’ etc. Can you distinguish what are the discrepancies and which one do you need?

    Assume that you own a website and you want to change it as online store then you must need shopping cart software. If you want to create an online store from the scratch, then you have to go for e-commerce software or an e-commerce platform. Open source e-commerce software is great if you are a developer or development company, else wise you can go for hosted e-commerce software since it’s easy to setup and use.

    If you are planning to start a new e-commerce business in 2018, you should know how digital e-commerce has expanded in past 2-3 years. Let’s look into the major highlights that will shape and influence the e-commerce.

    How to choose the best shopping cart software?


    Artificial Intelligence is stepped into entering the world of e-commerce because of increasing data. Studies are going on regarding the implementation of AI. Big Players like Amazon experimenting various AI related techniques to give a better user experience.


    Everyone loves uniqueness or love to use some new things. Each business should maintain their trademark which will grow their business as well as user retention.


    We can see a better user acquisition through mobile devices. When it comes to e-commerce sites 59% of users are using mobile devices to make their purchase. So it’s a great factor to yield more conversions.


    It’s very crucial to analyze each and every data flow from your e-commerce sites. You can build an improved conversion rate by scrutinizing your analytics data. Many kinds of equipped tools are available in the market to retrieve the data flow in your site.

    Now it is your turn to choose an e-commerce platform that can meet your requirements as appropriate and as unique as your unique business model. Whether you want to launch a traditional shopping cart system or a multi-vendor marketplace, keep the above key points in your mind and search for your eCommerce platform.

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