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Thread: How can I get more traffic on my site

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    Aug 2018
    Social Media is a best way to get traffic. You can promote your website in social media through several ways like promote through Videos, Bookmarking, Ads, Facebook. It also helping you to increasing your sales.

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    Good question. Try to contribute more to external resources, increase your referral traffic(here belongs social media promotion) and try to slightly optimize the content that you write for your blog.

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    Before getting more traffic first you always go to the reliable web hosting like Siteground, Cloudways, because if you get more and more traffic but your hosting is not reliable then you will have to pay for it.

    Secondly, if you want to get more traffic, then there are many ways one of the best ways is Facebook Sponsored Posts. If your website is content-based, where users read and learn something, then you should go with a different forum like Facebook, Quora, and then share your post with the relevant groups.

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    You have struggled to increase your website traffic, even though you've tried many methods. You can target Business specific keyword according to their targeted location. You can add content and sure help to boost traffic on your website. Used some tips that help to boost traffic for your website as -
    - Pay Attention to On-Page SEO
    - Target Long Tail Keywords
    - Start Guest Posting or Invite to Blog
    - Make Your Website Responsive & Optimize
    - Publish Viral Content on Social Media
    - Email Marketing or Advertise Online

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    By good kw research and social media sharing can really helps you in getting more traffic to your site.

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    Only through ads, local listing, SEO rank you can get more traffic.

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    Switch to video marketing, if you want to drive massive traffic on your website. Believe me or not, videos are going to be the future of social media marketing. Guess what? I understand the whole concept of Facebook marketing through this video only, Let's see it:-

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    There are so many ideas which I would like to share with you such as:-
    1. Use social media sites
    2. Pay attention to OFF-Page SEO
    3. Target long tail keywords
    4. Start blogging
    5. Go after referral traffic
    6. Run the paid campaigns

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    There are many ways that you can adopt to get traffic on your site, such as:
    1. Advertisement social media advertising or paid search are the best ways to boost traffic.
    2. Uses of high intent keywords that have more searches will increase your traffic organically.
    3. Social media platforms will help you to promote your content.
    4. Start Guest blogging to increase your blog traffic.
    5. Email marketing is also the best way to engage people by interacting and communicating them.

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