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Thread: I want to start Business in London ...

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    Unhappy I want to start Business in London ...

    hy friends
    i want to start taxi and minicabs business in london near tooting ,balham can you give me suggestion is this Good or not for me,and i also need website for online booking can you give me suggestions what type of design will best for my business,

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    The first thing you need is definitely a website. If you're not technically skilled, go with an easy to use website builder like Wix or Weebly. In order to market your starup, use social media sites and please do not forget that offline marketing is still alive Check out https://www.prestigeprint.biz/ website. You may want to use some of these promotional materials

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    If you want build a brand for your business. Then you can start to do some social media activities and blogging.

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    Thanks for your quality feedback .

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    Hi, AliceArifova! This is a great idea since cabs are very useful as a transportation option in the city. I'm not from there but I have travelled there as a tourist. However, I'm not certain if Uber is as popular there as it is in other parts of the world. You might want to check that first, they're still competition.

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    This is a good idea which can work, bacuse this area of business alwaya has huge demand and can bring good profits. I think you need to create your own web-site first and then you need to advertise your business in order to attract more clients. I suppose Social Media can help in attracting new clients, especially today. Maybe you have Facebook, or Instagram, or, for example, Twitter? If yes, you can use the following strategy: create a special business acount and try to promote it by posting beautiful and catching pictures and writing interesting posts. Also you can use special hashtags that are closely related to the topic of your business. In such case, Istagram is a great tool - you can use it both for private goals or for promotion of your blog/ product/ business. is also a good way to promote Instagram and get new clients. This service provides greater number of likes and views. It also offers some extra functions i.e. account protection and offline mode. You can try a trial version free for 7 days.

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