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Thread: Any software that can integrate 3rd party logistis software?

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    Any software that can integrate 3rd party logistis software?

    Hi there!
    I have been looking for a software to manage inventory and shipping details of our newly started garment business. I have found a lot, but we are using a 3PL company named 3PL Links for our logistics purpose. So we are not sure if any of these softwares are able to integrate details. This company has their own tracking software, but I would like to integrate the data into our own software. Is it possible? If then can someone suggest some good softwares that can make it possible?

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    If you are looking for effective management then you must utilize a telecom spend management software.

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    Well, SAP is the most preferable software for financial management and risk analysis. For inventory management 3plink and oracle scm cloud is good.

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    Hello steps71,
    Try er4u. Google it and find out whether it fits your requirement or not. However, I strongly believe that it will.
    All the best!

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