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Thread: Philosophical Inventory Tracking Question

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    Philosophical Inventory Tracking Question


    I'm the CTO for a school district of 13 schools.

    We track technology assets through a library system. It seems to work well. When laptops are transferred from one school to another, we need an effective and accountable way to manage the asset records. Here are two approaches under consideration:

    1) List all technology assets under a district wide location (think warehouse) and let all folks with access to the inventory management system have access to the location field, so that when laptops are moved, either the recipient or the donor of the equipment (or anyone else with access to the district wide system) can change the location. There is a full audit trail in case this gets messy.

    2) Have technology assets listed under the specific locations, and having the donor location generate a disposition file of transit, that the recipient acknowledges once they've confirmed the physical assets match the disposition file. This way, the location of assets would require a handshake, from the donor location and the receiving location. And only folks authorized FOR EACH LOCATION would be able to modify the disposition.

    I strongly believe that approach #2 is better, but I would greatly appreciate feedback and any kind of substantiation from a best practices standpoint, if there is a renowned reference for inventory tracking.

    Thanks in advance!

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    topic is interesting

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    Inventory management process is the key to mobile and fixed devices, services and data. It keeps the record of the services used and the spend on them.

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