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Thread: Is it necessary having a blog?

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    A blog can be a source of your on page SEO. It can build your traffic by providing links towards your main page. In addition, you can also keep your content fresh, which search engines really love. In addition to on-page, you can also have off page SEO. If you are not familiar with it, you might want to know some more about it and backlinks.

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    Blog isn't something that is strictly required. However, it is something that helps you attract new visitors and customers on your website.

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    Blogs are the best business tools ehere you can get connected with the users and express your thoughts and get their feedbacks. It can help you in increasing your SEO mileage and search engine rankings as well.
    Why Blogs?
    Next comes a question Where can post my blog ?
    There are many free blogging where you can post your content , get moderated and publish your content.
    Merits Of Blogs:
    Blogs supports business in many ways such as it drives traffic to their business. It helps you to promote your productas and services to the targeted audience. There are many other benefits in the blogs such as getting the current business updates. It is damn sure that automatically your products or services are promoted online among public viewers via these business blogs.

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    Blogs are very important business tool and it has to be implemented at no doubts.

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