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    promotion of e commerce website

    This may be a common question. But I am still unclear with that. How can we promote a e commerce website effectively. I think we must use some different promoting techniques for it. If somebody knows please share it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robatkins View Post
    I think we must use some different promoting techniques for it. If somebody knows please share it.
    Every business needs proper promotion and user base. There are many tips for promoting of eCommerce websites. Here is a 50 Unbeatable Ecommerce Marketing Tips for 2016.

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    If you want to promote your ecommerce website in online. Then you can try Google Adwords shopping campaign. It's best channel for promote your website and getting good sales for your products.

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    PPC, Facebook ad (and social sharing), SEO, and sometimes check things like site speed to ensure your website can handle a certain amount of traffic everyday.

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    Use social media. Also post on forums, if forums would allow it. I am still a believer in using flyers and posters--the immediate community around you would be your most logical first customers, after all.

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    I have recently started an eCommerce website, and I learn some things about marketing. I have discovered a very cool community at Check it out too, you might find some helpful things and professionals which will help you with some tips specifically for your business. I guess it is a great way to market and learn more abou it

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    Social Media is the fastest growing category of Internet Marketing in terms of attracting new users. We will segment the top 10 things to promote on social media channels into these categories so that the hotels can use them as practical tips.

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    In my opinion, SEO & Paid Search are 2 best ways to promote the e-commerce site. Because of theisitors from Search engine is very potential to become your customers.

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