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Thread: Question Marketing Issues?

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    Question Marketing Issues?

    Hi Friends,

    Now i am able to Solve your Issues about Online Marketing So you can ask me question's about it...

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    still actual?

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    Do you have an experience doing marketing for an startup. I need guidance then. What are the channels to be targeted and how to ensure the website resonates the startup freshness is something that haunts us.

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    I own a small restaurant. I havenít hired anyone to market my restaurant . I manage a facebook page where i post menu specials and offers. It have about 456 ikes and it helped to me get a few new customers. I was planning to set new online marketing strategies and hire a person to manage it. But recently i came across blog of. In that article they explains that Direct mailing is really useful for local restaurants than any other form of marketing. That may be true since getting coupons by mail may prompt them to try a new restaurant. I am going to adopt this market strategy . Hope it will produce more leads. I would like to hear more suggestions and opinions about this.

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    Steve, I removed the link you posted so it doesn't look like you're spamming us. There are tons of companies that can do what they you should shop around for prices.

    Have you been collecting information from the people that visit your restaurant so that you'll have a list of email addresses?

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