Hi there,
I am one of the directors for a growing music festival, and we've reached a point where we need to start managing our inventory. What I need is a solution that can
* enter all existing inventory and categorize it into groups or tags (tools, materials, lighting, main stage etc)
* have a sign in and sign out option (current owner)
* provide alarms when running low on certain stock
* have the facility to manage sales in the future when we open our festival workshop (which will also be available to the general public in the future)
* be lightweight and easy to use by non-experts
* have the facility for code scanning
* be cloud based, so inventory can be checked on site by multiple devices
* be able to be used on mobile devices (iphone/android).

I've looked around and can't find anything that fits. Most inventory management software I've looked at suits bricks and mortar business, shops or large business. I guess what we need is something similar to workshop inventory management. Most important is sign in and sign out tracking.

Thanks for your advice.