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Thread: Software for e-commerce sellers

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    Software for e-commerce sellers

    Hi ,

    We are a team of experienced software engineers who want to develop 3rd party softwares for international e-commerce sellers. *We need a quick favor from you-*Could you please let us know which of the following types of softwares (A/B/C) would be most useful to you:*

    A.*Sponsored ad management software* that allows you to manage and maximise returns from sponsored ads across market places such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify etc*@$29/month

    B.*Inventory management and listing software*that works across multiple marketplaces*@$35/month*(current softwares such as Teikametrics, Sellercloud, Solid commerce are priced above $500/month)

    C.*Product recommendation software*that compares trending products with products in your catalogue, and then recommends certain products that you should add to your portfolio*@$29/month

    D. Anything other type of software?

    We really appreciate your help!*

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    Inventory management and listing software - is really a very useful thing. To optimize inventory management, leading companies integrate their inventory software directly with back-office and accounting systems. This integration provides a competitive edge with abilities to plan effectively, execute predictably with customers and minimize labor costs and errors associated with manual reconciliation. However, if you decided to create an inventory management software, it must be real-time, flexible, transparent to users, reconcilable and scalable. While being real-time provides the best visibility to your customers and supply chain partners, and ensures that your financial reports are always up to date and accurate. Users want the integration to be flexible and transparent, as continuous changes in business processes may require adjustments to the integration. Users don't want to have to think about think about the integration, they just want it to work!
    I also recommend you to check Google trends and see what thing could be really profitable for your company.

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