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Thread: What is a good conversion rate? My site is getting alot of traffic not sale.

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    What is a good conversion rate? My site is getting alot of traffic not sale.

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I am glad to find such a helpful website.

    I just recently launched an commerce website selling woman's fashion clothing. I spent some money marketing the site on google/yahoo/facebook.

    So far I am getting quite abit of traffic at around 1000+ unique IP viewers.

    But so far the conversion rate are ....... zero. Yep, 1000+ viewers but not even a single sale.

    Am I expecting too much ? Or is this normal ? What am I doing wrong.

    Any help would be much much appreciated.

    Thanks !

    My Website: http://d2istore.com

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    Too many clicks to get to your product. Look at some of the feedback you got when you asked for opinions on your site. Look at what your competitors are doing. Google some of your keywords and go to the top sites although this can be difficult because your top keyword is d2i and I doubt there are any searches for that. The rest of your keywords are far too general and you have no content so any visitors you get are either just curious or are there by mistake.

    Generally, if you have a conversion rate of 3% you'd be doing well.

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    Is your content resonating your product?
    Do you have the right CTAs placed on the pages which has good traffic?
    Have you figured out the core keywords with long tail?

    If you are ranking good after your struggle to market on major platforms like google or yahoo, But are using generic keywords, then the traffic you are getting are not relevant.

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