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Thread: I want to gather leads by using SEO

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    I want to gather leads by using SEO

    Some days ago I started the optimizing process for my website. I am looking forward to a better standing of the site and I will be glad if that happens. I want to gather leads by using SEO. I donít know, however, if that is doable. Would it be possible to use other techniques such as Squidoo, directory submission or social bookmarking for the above mentioned purpose? I really donít know about this. If you know better than me, I would appreciate if you could help me on this. Just let me know.

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    Write article and submit them to increase backlinks so your website get higher ranking.

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    The ones you mentioned are off page optimization technqiues. It will definitely help if you have your links put up in the right context and place. Backlinks built on irrelevant websites will not only drive you bad traffic, but also does get you penalized.

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    There are different ways to gather leads but you should choose carefully the ways you gather these links. Google hates some types of links. 1. Google hates so called payes links. Google hates excessive link exchange. 3. Google hates article marketing or guest posting on a large scale. 4. Google hates automatization and services related with building of backlinks. These are some of the things Goolge hates about the links.

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    Social Media can help you to gather leads. Blog posting, Article submission, Forum posting, Press release are good ways for backlinks and internet traffic

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