I am a part-time web developer and have been working for a friend of mine since June on his small business website. We originally launched his website using WordPress and used gravity forms for the purchase orders which worked well because originally the business model was to do some sales online but the goal was to market the product to retailers.

Since then we have shifted into a e-commerce based website. We are still using WordPress and have it integrated with WooCommerce.

My friend, the owner, is happy with the system but wants to have a CRM and somehow have the system set up so that when they take phone orders they don't have to enter everything into excel.

The new marketing director mentioned using Magento. I have dabbled in Magento in the past and I think it's a great system. There are extensions for CRM's like Salesforce and it looks like there are a lot more resources for setting up wholesale orders and ext.

I think my only concern is that we since our website is not only eCommerce, what is the flexibility of creating pages with sidebars or full width and ext. with ease like in WordPress or regular HTML websites.