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Thread: Also seeking advice on ecommerce platform

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    Also seeking advice on ecommerce platform

    We are looking to expand our web business and our current ecommerce provider was singed up with the company before I was hired. They were hired on the basis of their integration with out ERP and lack the tools needed to provide a strong website/shopping cart system. That being said we are looking to move to something liek MIVA, BigCommerce, Volusion, Shopify, etc. After doing pretty extensive research over the past week it turns out that Volusion is the platform that is really going to do everything we want without have to go to 3rd party developers.

    BUT, after seeing all the negative press on this forum and many others about Volusion, I am apprehensive to go with Volusion, and leaning towards BigCommerce.

    -We plan to offer well over 30,000+ products
    -Require a Table View of product Variants on our product pages
    (so that you can add 3 different types of the same product to the cart at once)

    the rest of our requirements more or less seem to be covered in everyone elses standard features, besides have preferences to which UI I like better at the moment which I am sure I can adapt to any. I also have limited programming experience away from some html/css, so I am trying to stay away from more programming intensive solutions.

    Does anyone have any advice where to go? Maybe possible current Volusion or BigCommerce Users? Or any questions on other important requirements I may have (and probably did) breeze over. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

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    Wow, you have ton of products bro. Personally, I have used both Volusion and BigCommerce for my own stores and I favored BigCommerce as its 1) Overall cheaper 2) Has unlimited bandwidth.

    I also used both platforms to build stores for my clients and about 75% of them favored BigCommerce mainly because of unlimited bandwidth, navigation, design, and tools. At times, Volusion lacks quality support that is a must for this type of business. If I was you and had that many products, I would def. look at something with unlimited bandwidth as you will probably have a lot of traffic based. I think Volusion only gives you 40 GB of bandwidth with their most expensive plan and charges about $7 per GB once you cross your monthly limit.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your expansion!

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    Bigcommerce is a suits best as per your requirement.

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